Lebnah White No-Show Footlets Women

Lebnah White No-Show Footlets Women

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The yarn used to make this magnificent piece of footwear has quite the story. The luxurious Egyptian cotton yarn grew, well, in Egypt, spun in Italy, and then were blended together with their durable Nylon and Lycra friends in the Midlands of the United Kingdom to make the world's softest and strongest invisible socks for you. The pair were then complimented with an anti-bacterial finish to help you conquer the heat and the bad discomforts of the day. 

The pair feature a moisture wicking top mesh to cool your feet on the hottest of days and the longest of walks, and oh, do not forget the highly durable non-slip heel silicon patch. 

  • Luxurious Egyptian Cotton
  • Moisture wicking top mesh
  • non-slip heel grip
  • Anti-bacterial finish

65% Egyptian Cotton

33% Nylon

2% Lycra