About The Button Factory Initiative

Button Factory is Quirky's newest fashion concept. For every T-shirt we sell we either give away a T-shirt to an Egyptian Charity or donate the manufacturing costs of every T-shirt sold to the Abu El-Reesh Children's Hospital in Egypt. 

The initiative aims to aid in building a socially responsible industry not only through Button Factory but across all of Quirky's current and future brands in the near future.

About Abu El-Reesh Paediatrics Hospital:

Established in 1928 as the first of Cairo's Abu El-Reesh pediatric hospitals, El-Mounira offers a full range of pediatric in-patient and out-patient care through its specialised departments, treating more than 250,000 patients per year. 

Public hospitals in Egypt, especially Abu El-Reesh, are extremely underfunded and rely mainly on donations. Usually, the donations levels increase during the Holy Month of Ramadan, but we are aiming to constantly maintain and increase this level all year around thus helping as many lives as we can through charity.